Á la Carrboro

The Town of Carrboro is always looking for ways to support our local businesses and organizations. This is especially relevant as the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a significant blow to so many sectors.

To further assist our businesses and organizations during this difficult time, we are expanding our "menu"!

Under an emergency proclamation signed by Mayor Lydia Lavelle on Friday, June 26, 2020, the Town of Carrboro is relaxing rules temporarily to give businesses more flexibility in the use of private lands and the opportunity for increased use of and access to public spaces during the coronavirus pandemic.

Recognizing the unique needs of Carrboro’s varied enterprises, the Town has created Á la Carrboro to provide additional flexibility for navigating these unprecedented times. This will allow businesses to customize their operating protocols to meet physical distancing and other COVID-19 modifications with relaxed local land use regulations related to parking, signage and the use of open areas.

As Carrboro businesses continue to reopen in a safe manner, the Town is asking you to share your insights with us so that we can better understand the priorities and needs of your business or organization by completing the Á la Carrboro Business Inquiry Form.

a la carrboro